Our Areas of Work

Mission Bhartiyam works primarily in the fields of Peace and Harmony, protection of human rights and environment. 

In the field of Peace and Harmony, we try to spread the message of peace and communal harmony by organizing discussions, human chains, public demonstrations and peace rallies. We also organize festival celebrations which are open to followers of all religions. We also send delegations to riot-hit areas. We have tried to contribute to peace and harmony beyond the Indian boundaries, in South Asia. Under our “Bharat Nepal Paraspar Samvad”, we attempt to strengthen ties between India and Nepal. We have “Aaghaz-e Dosti” to develop bonds of trust and friendship between India and Pakistan. Every year, we also observe “Tree for harmony”, wherein we plants “harmony trees” which symbolize brotherhood and prosperity and resist discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, class and nationality. It is organized in schools and colleges across South Asia. 

For protection of human rights, we highlight the cases through discussions, seminars, college awareness programmes, public demonstrations and garnering support and demand action through signature campaigns, RTI filing and appealing to the authorities. We support many campaigns that highlight cases of violation of human rights and have a democratic and peaceful approach to seek resolution. We also promote human rights education through schools and college awareness programmes.

For Environment, we promote and spread the word for sustainable environment. We spread awareness about the environmental problems by organizing awareness programmes like painting, poster, debate and essay writing competitions in schools. We also organize awareness rallies.

Besides these, we also work in other fields of health care and sanitation wherein we have conducted health camps for poor, youth awareness programmes like an anti-drug rallies and annual youth awareness conferences, disaster management training and awareness workshops, visits to relief camps and slums. Our members also write articles on contemporary issues in newspapers.